Coming up in 2010

Wow, 2010 is already off to an awesome start with the release of Mass Effect 2… plus there’s plenty more where that came from for the PC! Let’s take a look at some of the upcoming titles and their estimated release dates, plus a bit of a blurb on how succesful they’re likely to be. Remember, I predicted the COD4 Steam AU Price Hike 6 months before it happened, as well as the demise of Ageia’s PhysX PCI cards. I am therefore a prophet.

BIOSHOCK 2 – 10th Feb
The sequel to Bioshock, set years after the events of the first, that sees you play as a Big Daddy doing something or other… apparently something’s taking little girls back down into the city and… wait, this sounds an awful lot like something a paedophile would do. What the hell is wrong with 2k Games? Nevermind, your job is to wander around Rapture yet again and kill things, presumably saving little girls or something. Who knows. And really, why bother? Bioshock is strong enough to stand on its own, so going 10 years into the future for a pointless plot line seems like a bit of a cynical cash grab to me. And what the hell with the multiplayer inclusion? MP is set in the PAST, before the events of Bioshock. Wouldn’t that have made a better single player game? Witnessing the fall of Rapture? But what do I know…

Aliens vs Predator vs Marines was probably too long a title but who cares, point is, it’s AvP! Apparently the original AvP is now AvP Classic and this one takes its place… couldn’t they have called it something else? Stop with the confusing titles. Anyway this one is already infamous for saying “We love gore yay!” and STUPIDLY getting an MA15+ rating from our Classification Board. So… L4D2 is a no, AvP is a yes. Wonders will never cease. This one is shaping up to be pretty awesome, but at the same time, there’s only so far AvP will go. We’ll have to watch and see how it goes… judgement is reserved because this one could easily sink if it relies purely on violence. From what I’ve seen though, it looks like it’ll be classic AvP fun.

This one makes me jump with joy and cry in terror. Supreme Commander and its lineage of TA, apart from maybe Red Alert or Age of Empires, ranks as one of my favourite RTS games of all time. Epic, old-school base building and massive-scale warfare that goes on for hours at a time. More than that though is the economic system; you build resource buildings and let the resources accumulate, and try to always produce more than you use. Simple. So why they appear to be shitting in their own nest with changing the resource system and making it “more like other RTS games”. And being released on the xbox 360?! What the hell is this?! I hope that SupCom2 fixes the pacing issues of the first while keeping what was good about the first game… but somehow I doubt it.

A release on my birthday? Get out of here! Well, yet another C&C game… really, how much longer can we keep building up this franchise? Just let Kane die, for crying out loud. I suppose the C&C franchise might have a bit more life left in it (C&C4 itself isn’t bad, after all) but I’d still question why this needs to exist.

A new STALKER game? I have some sort of sneaking suspicion that the STALKER development team went “Well, we’re never going to get the game done in time, let’s split it up and release in it pieces”, thus we’re getting what STALKER was supposed to be in different games that should have been assembled into one experience. It’s almost episodic… but it’s really not. If they actually fix Prypiat into an actual dessolate city, it’ll be worth checking out. If it isn’t… well, no surprise, they never manage to get it complete right anyway.

HALF LIFE 2 – EPISODE 3 – 1st April
Sorry, couldn’t resist. We’ll all laugh if it actually turns up though.

So that’s the line up just for the first 3 months of 2010. Holy SHIT, man, that’s AWESOME, and that’s ignoring all of the little gems that will appear throughout the year. Good start, guys! Let’s do it.


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