DisCONNECT appears to be dead. In fact it isn’t, there are actually new articles lurking around awaiting editing and screenshots. Unfortunately, due to a series of once-in-a-lifetime failures, I’m too preoccupied with trying to recover obscene amounts of data. Amazingly, two HDDs managed to fail; one on my box, one on the home server, right in between backup cycles. They didn’t quite fail simultaneously, but they failed with a sufficiently small time gap that I didn’t get to do a full backup of my box to the server. To make matters far worse, Windows 7 didn’t write its boot record to my RAID config (it chose instead to stick it on another drive, incidentally the drive that failed) and, for a reason I’m completely unable to understand, no matter what I try I just can’t get it to write a new, valid boot record. After that it stopped being able to access the RAID array, despite it having the drivers and the drives being 100% fine. Anyway, while I attempt to recover all of this data (or while I tear my hair out in rage) DisCONNECT will sit dormant, like a sleeper agent. Wish me luck!


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