Duke Nukem Forever Dated

Duke Nukem Forever has been announced for a 3 May release date for North America, and a 6 May release date for the rest of the world. Do I approve of this disparity? Being here in Australia, no, I do not approve. But in saying that all the jokes end on the 3rd of May and a saga in gaming history (and tech history in general I suppose) is closed. Also the world ends, pigs fly, the dead walk the earth, and DisCONNECT stands vindicated that DNF is coming out and it’s real. And everybody else goes “No way!” and stuff. Always bet on Duke. On the interesting side: the RPG, Freezer, and Shrink Ray all make a return just like their old DN3D counterparts! On the down side: NO GRABBAG IN THAT TRAILER?! WHY?!


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