Next time, on DisCONNECT!

DisCONNECT! is closing up shop for 2011, since nothing worth mentioning is likely to happen in the next few weeks, and there isn’t much more to talk about. Thanks once again to all the readers out there for checking out DisCONNECT this year. This blog is just a pet project of mine that I’ve been running on and off for a few years, but it didn’t start getting a readership until last  year. 2011 has been DisCONNECT’s biggest year since day zero, mostly for guides and the lesser-reviewed games like Take on Helicopters or Mount and Blade. This year was also a big year for me personally. Not that anybody cares, but I finally finished my nursing degree, tried to get into medschool (only just failed), spent time in operating theatres and emergency rooms (as a clinician thankfully), and did a lot of medic work. And next year I’m probably going to law school. Things change fast around here!

What does DisCONNECT have in store for 2012? Like I say every year, who really knows? It’s not like I have a plan or something. But I’m looking forward to Mass Effect 3! And Diablo 3! Also probably more instructional/guide material. We’ll have to wait and see, because like a patient zipped up inside a body bag, everything’s about to go dark and quiet on DisCONNECT for a while.


So until next time… stay offline!

– Soldant.


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