Happy New Year!

Happy new year, Internet! Hope you’re having a nice day. I sure did, I listened to the illegal fireworks, watched the drunks, and was exceptionally pleased that I wasn’t on duty and therefore didn’t have to do anything about it! As a matter of interest, here’s a quick review of DisCONNECT’s 2011 year.

DisCONNECT achieved a readership of about 7700 unique views this year, which is up from… about 8 in 2010. That’s reasonably quick growth with a large number of it appearing from about mid-year onwards. It’s tiny compared to most other major blogs, but DisCONNECT still sits reasonably “deep” in the Internet, well under the surface web where all the popular stuff is. Given that I have no real blogging or press credentials, that’s a reasonably impressive effort. DisCONNECT dealt with the most traffic on the 17th of September, coincidentally the day after the Windows 8 preview was posted.

Speaking of the Windows 8 Preview, that’s been DisCONNECT’s most popular article. It’s followed by a quick Linux guide for getting Optimus to run, the M&B: With Fire and Sword review, the Evochron Mercenary review, and the Take on Helicopters review. Shockingly, the DisCONNECT review was linked from the BI Forums and the main Take On Helicopters website, under Media Coverage, along with a quick quote. Coincidentally, these two places were responsible for most of the referral traffic. It also made me smile.

As for you, dear readers, the statistics show that a significant number of you are from North America, with most from the USA. The United Kingdom follows a close second, with Germany of all places coming in third. My fellow Australians also make up a significant portion of traffic (hi guys!). Asia and Africa aren’t down with DisCONNECT.

DisCONNECT will resume irregular programming soon… ish. Till then, we’re sleeping over here, so tread quietly.


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