Another year down!

Nothing significant is likely to happen between now and the end of 2012, so it’s about time for DisCONNECT to go into a deep freeze for a while. Granted, DisCONNECT was more or less asleep for the past few months, but significant things were going on in my life so I didn’t have much time (or inclination, truth be told) to write new articles. For those interested, although I ended up going to law school I pulled the pin this year and decided to go do what I should have done four years ago – paramedic science. Next year I’m off to further my pre-hospital skills to go become a paramedic. All of this only happened within the last 4 months or so, which is why so few articles have been posted lately.

In any event, 2012 was an even bigger year for DisCONNECT than 2011, mostly because a whole bunch of AVSIM were furious about the Microsoft FLIGHT article (perhaps with good reason, perhaps not). Thanks once more to all of the readers and those of you who posted (constructive) comments. Even if I didn’t reply, know that I did read every one of them. What’s going to happen to DisCONNECT next year? Who can say? It’s not like I have a plan or something. I’d like to do a few less reviews and more “Best Game You’ve Never Played” and “Blast from the Past” articles, because I’m getting tired of rushing through new games to put out a review. But hey, who knows?


Until next time, stay offline!

– Soldant


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