DisCONNECT’s 2012 Statistics!

Welcome to 2013! Get used to writing that new date yet? I sure haven’t. In any event, here’s a boatload of DisCONENCT statistics for the year 2012. It’s Lawful Neutral with an INT of 9001.

DisCONNECT as a whole had about 22,000 visitors last year, which is a major improvement on 2011 where I only had 7,700. The busiest day was the 1st of March, where I set fire to AVSIM and prompted a mass of rage over the Microsoft FLIGHT review. Other popular articles (in order of views) were the Evochron Mercenary review, a response to AVSIM, M&B: With Fire and Sword review, and an outdated guide to getting Optimus to work on Ubuntu systems. Of note, three of those were actually articles from 2011. Not sure how to take that…

Actually there’s no real mystery here – the 2011 articles are about topics that aren’t well covered by other sites, so DisCONNECT sits in a bit of a niche. The popularity from the MS FLIGHT article was entirely due to my attack on AVSIM, which resulted in AVSIM becoming the top referring site for 2012. A few other flight sim related sites round out the top 5, with the notable exception of Facebook for some reason.

In terms of you guys, the vast majority of you still come from the United States of America, followed at a distant second by the United Kingdom. Canada takes bronze. My fellow Australians take the 4th position. Step it up guys! China gave me one visitor (probably a government official deciding to declare me an enemy of the state) as did Iraq, Libya, Senegal (didn’t even know that was a place until today), and Armenia. Hello to all of you.

DisCONNECT sort of came out of the deep web a little bit last year which accounts for the increase in readership, though pretty much all of it can be attributed to AVSIM and the MS FLIGHT review. And FLIGHT died, so nobody really gives a flying fig anymore. I didn’t post much last year due to a multitude of factors, but that’s something I hope to rectify this year. More articles! More reviews! More information! More Soldant! I don’t have any specific plans for DisCONNECT in 2013, but in the short term hopefully I’ll have a Lumia 920 challenge to match the Galaxy Note nightmare. Until the courier finally stops screwing around and delivers it though, I’m not officially back.


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