Category Info

DisCONNECT has a number of different categories, as you might expect form any blog. The following gives a qucik rundown of the categories used by DisCONNECT:

  • Best Game You’ve Never Played – Contains articles that discuss obscure games you’ve probably never heard of, usually those from the distant past.
  • Blast from the Past – Deals with games or applications from years gone by which are popular enough that people would remember them. Either looks at them fondly or takes them apart and criticises them with the uncaring and unflatteringly cynical eyes of the present.
  • Gaming – Anything and everything related to games.
  • General – Could be anything, really. I totally forgot I had this category. I guess I just file rants under this heading…
  • Histories – A series of articles about various historical moments in technology or gaming. Fact checks may be required. Please don’t cite them in your school assignments.
  • News/Site News – Filled with news regarding DisCONNECT itself, or occasionally actual technology news.
  • Reviews – Contains all reviews, including of games, tech, and apps
  • Technology – A generalised tech section, mostly dealing with physical devices, technology news, or applications.

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