Requiem for UtopiaTech

Where I got my start in writing online.

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Histories – Signal Hijacks

Our technology has not developed a transmitter strong enough to reach your…

A while ago I did an article on the Max Headroom Incident, where an unknown person hijacked two signals in the Chicago area back in 1987. It’s not the only one though, with two other major incidents occurring in the western world. Signal intrusion is reasonably rare here in the west, probably because technology levels are much higher these days and requires a better level of expertise. In developing nations, particularly those with infighting or rebel groups, signal intrusion is more common, as are pirate radio stations. While signal intrusion (and really radio Dxing in general) is something of a lost art in the west, there are a few interesting examples of intrusions which I think are worth mentioning. So to kick off 2012 proper, here’s a look at two of the better known intrusions.

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5 Apple Products that Failed

DisCONNECT returns, like a plague from out of the quarantine zone. Until we resume our regularly scheduled… haha, that’s a good joke. You walked right into that one. Regular? L-O-L. But seriously, to return to business here’s a set of Apple products that have failed, because knocking a smartarse off their high horse is always fun to do.

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Max Headroom Signal Hijack Incident

This release is actually the 400th issue I’ve written, as I state at the start of the article for no good reason. Today’s issue (which I actually wrote at the start of this month, which shows how dedicated I am to this thing) deals with a signal hijack that pretty much everybody probably knows about. After all, DisCONNECT isn’t just about reviews…

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