Histories – Signal Hijacks

Our technology has not developed a transmitter strong enough to reach your… A while ago I did an article on the Max Headroom Incident, where an unknown person hijacked two signals in the Chicago area back in 1987. It’s not the only one though, with two other major incidents occurring in the western world. Signal […]

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Histories – RIAA vs You

Welcome to DisCONNECT’s first article for 2011! I suppose I haven’t done much except review things and bitch about Apple, so perhaps it’s time to pull out the old Histories segment and take a look at the only true evil corporations out there (according to the Internets) – The RIAA.

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5 Apple Products that Failed

DisCONNECT returns, like a plague from out of the quarantine zone. Until we resume our regularly scheduled… haha, that’s a good joke. You walked right into that one. Regular? L-O-L. But seriously, to return to business here’s a set of Apple products that have failed, because knocking a smartarse off their high horse is always […]

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