An interruption…

I had an article on iOS6 ready to go today, but for reasons as yet unknown, Windows 8 has decided to completely shit itself and randomly screw up file permissions such that I can’t even strip out file properties or even copy things to most places in my HDD. It’s even locking my profile for […]

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Happy New Year!

Happy new year, Internet! Hope you’re having a nice day. I sure did, I listened to the illegal fireworks, watched the drunks, and was exceptionally pleased that I wasn’t on duty and therefore didn’t have to do anything about it! As a matter of interest, here’s a quick review of DisCONNECT’s 2011 year.

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Next time, on DisCONNECT!

DisCONNECT! is closing up shop for 2011, since nothing worth mentioning is likely to happen in the next few weeks, and there isn’t much more to talk about. Thanks once again to all the readers out there for checking out DisCONNECT this year. This blog is just a pet project of mine that I’ve been […]

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