While I was sleeping…

…you were no doubt wondering why DisCONNECT hasn’t updated in a while. For the record, the final instalment of the Galaxy Note saga isn’t too far away, nor are plenty of other interesting things going on behind the scenes. Patience is a virtue for the moment. See you real soon! Advertisements

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Next time, on DisCONNECT!

DisCONNECT! is closing up shop for 2011, since nothing worth mentioning is likely to happen in the next few weeks, and there isn’t much more to talk about. Thanks once again to all the readers out there for checking out DisCONNECT this year. This blog is just a pet project of mine that I’ve been […]

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Incoming wounded!

DisCONNECT once again lies dormant while I sort things out back here at the station. New content is coming soon, including a review of Take on Helicopters, OS X Lion in the context of a Macbook Air 2011 11″, and probably Skyrim when it finally gets released. See you real soon!

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