Review Details

DisCONNECT’s reviews follow many different formats. The current review format is described below.


Under the current system, games are assigned scores out of 5. There are two review sections which allow a game to score points:

  • Graphics and Sound or Game Engine (2 points) – Covers everything from the quality of the graphics and audio relative to the game’s origins, setting and theme, to engine performance. One point is given for good performance and quality in sound and graphics. Half a point is generally issued for something that is passable. No points awarded if it’s broken or outright bad.
  • Gameplay (3 points) – Covers the game itself, including the story if it’s deemed important enough to the game. A game that earns all three points will be fun to play, without obtuse or opaque mechanics (relative to the game’s genre at least), and largely free from bugs (I’ll allow for a few to slip by, but nothing that breaks the game). A game that earns 1.5 points may have several issues with gameplay which saps some of the fun out of it, but may appeal to some people or may improve with patches. For a game to earn no points there either needs to be absolutely no appeal or it’s so broken that it’s unplayable.

The tally out of 5 is then given a category to make things easier to read:

  • 4.5 to 5 – Excellent. This game has a significant amount of appeal and is definitely worth checking out. Note that this category does not imply that the game is absolutely flawless nor that it will have universal appeal – just that in my opinion it’s an outstanding game, and if you think like me, you might love it too.
  • 3.5 to 4 – Good. This game might have a few issues that let it down, but they’re generally minor in comparison to how great the rest of the game is, and nothing that a few patches can’t fix. Definitely well worth checking out, particularly if you like these kinds of games.
  • 2.5 to 3 – Pass. This game has issues which saps some of the enjoyment out of it, or has some mechanics which aren’t particularly good. It’s not necessarily a broken mess nor is it a bad game, but it’s not a good example of its genre. Worth checking out if you’re a fan, but with caution.
  • 1.5 to 2 – Poor. Not a good game. It has quite significant issues which means that it’s not particularly fun to play. Maybe it can be fixed by patches, but generally there’s a more fundamental issue with the game. Or alternatively, I just didn’t enjoy it. For what it’s worth though they’re usually ‘playable’ in some sense of the word.
  • 0 to 1 – Fail. Pretty much reserved for broken games without hope of redemption.

As a reminder, all reviews are subjective opinions, and are not represented as objective fact… because they’re opinions. If you disagree with my opinions, that’s cool. You can even tell me that if you like. But I won’t change a review just because you disagree with it.


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